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The Online Validation Tool is a tool produced by Kommunicera Communications to enhance the speed and ease of validating files remotely. Below follows a quick guide on how to use it.

Starting out

You access the validation tool by a direct link, provided to you by one of your contacts at Kommunicera. This will bring to you the tool's main workspace seen below. Images can sometimes have red boxes on them. This is used to mark the currently relevant part of the context image.


You are presented with a list of texts to validate ("All available texts" at the top). Click on one of the text IDs to start working - the first one is opened for you automatically when you enter the page.

The table at the bottom of the page contains all text segments for the currently selected text block. Each row is made up of five fields:

Approved - click this if you approve of the translation

ID - a reference ID for the text segment

Source text - text prior to translation

Translation - translated text currently under review

Comment - where you will enter any comment you have regarding the translated text

Interacting with the tool

If you enter a comment the related table row will turn red, marking the segment as being in need of attention.

Clicking the Approve checkbox will mark a segment with green color, signifying that no further changes are needed. The segment will turn green even if there's a comment, enabling you to comment on a segment without marking it as incorrect.

Once all segments of the current textblock has either been approved or commented on, you can move on to the next text block either by using the Next / Previous buttons or clicking a segment ID at the top of the page.

Also note that when a textblock has been fully reviewed by you (all segments are either commented on or approved) the corresponding text ID will turn either green (all segments approved) or red (one or more segments have comments that need review). This enables you to get a quick overview of your current work, easily skipping past already finished text blocks. A general rule to follow is: If a text ID is black, it still needs work.