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(About [k]-port)
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* Find k-port on the list  
* Find k-port on the list  
[[File:Kport admin.gif]]
[[File:Wiki k-port screenie ENG Services.png]]
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[[File:Kport egenskaper.gif]]
[[File:Wiki k-port screenie ENG K-port properties.png]]
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2. Double click on the shortcut to start the utility program.  
2. Double click on the shortcut to start the utility program.  
[[File:K-port client order.gif]]
[[File:Wiki k-port screenie ENG Order.png]]
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1. Click on the spanner icon in the top right corner. A new window opens.  
1. Click on the spanner icon in the top right corner. A new window opens.  
[[File:Client SV tools.gif]]
[[File:Wiki k-port screenie ENG Settings.png]]

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About [k]-port

In short:

[k]-port is a service that monitors a directory (Outbox) and its subdirectories on your network. When files are put into these directories, the [k]-port service will transfer them to Kommunicera Communications via https/SSL.

After translation the [k]-port service will receive the files from Kommunicera Communications and place them in the corresponding directories in the directory Inbox on your network.

  • [k]-port for PIM and CMS (and other systems) (PDF): [1]

Install [k]-port


1. Download http://www.wcom.se/download/kommunicera/kport20111219.zip

Kport3 zip.gif

2. Create five folders on the same drive.

  • They can be located anywhere, but not inside one another.
  • Make sure that the k-port users are authorised to access these folders.
  • Recommended names are: 01_Outbox, 02_Inbox, 03_Spool, 04_Processed and 05_Failed. Or you can use other names, if you prefer.

Kport mappar.gif

3. Run the installer:

Content zip.gif

Kport setup wizard.gif

4. Follow the instructions, specify search paths (full path names, not mapped drives)

Kport select folder.gif

5. Specify username and password (supplied by Kommunicera Communications)

  • Also specify how many levels of the folder structure you want to keep. It is normal to have zero levels.
  • Save the settings. (The settings can be changed, if necessary. See below.)

Kport user info.gif

6. Go to Control panel/Administration tools/Services

  • Find k-port on the list

Wiki k-port screenie ENG Services.png

  • Right click and select properties
  • Under the Login tab, state that the service should come under the Local System account or specify which account has suitable rights for the file structure you want.

Wiki k-port screenie ENG K-port properties.png

  • Click OK
  • Start the [k]-port service in the "Services" list
  • You are now all done


The program folder on the computer on which [k]-port is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\Kommunicera\K-Port) contains a config file.

  • The [k]-port settings can be changed using a text editor.
  • For example, it is possible to change the period of time that a folder has to be in the Outbox before it is retrieved.
  • Stop and restart the [k]-port service to apply the settings.

Kport config.gif


1. Create a folder in the Outbox. Give it a project number, project name or similar name. (1)

2. Place the files to be delivered to Kommunicera in the folder

3. You are now all done!

  • After about 15 minutes (2) the folder is moved to the Spool folder. This means that we have started the transfer.
  • When the transfer process has been completed, the folder is moved to the Processed folder. If the folder is in the Processed folder, you know that we have received the files.
  • If an error occurs, the folder is moved to the Failed folder instead.
  • Our deliveries are placed in the Inbox and are named as agreed with you (usually the same name you used when you sent it to us).

(1) It is possible to use a name that has been used previously. The files will then be grouped under the same name when we receive them. 
If a new file that is sent has an identical file name to a previous delivery with the same folder name, the new file will be saved with its name + a date.
(2) Default setting. This can be changed by editing the config file and then restarting the service.

Utility program for orders (Optional)


Click here to install http://www.wcom.se/download/clickonce/kommunicera/kportclient/

1. When the installation is complete, a shortcut is automatically created on your desktop.

K-port shortcut.gif

2. Double click on the shortcut to start the utility program.

Wiki k-port screenie ENG Order.png


1. Click on the spanner icon in the top right corner. A new window opens.

Wiki k-port screenie ENG Settings.png

2. Enter the search path to the outbox for [k]-port at the top.

3. Then below that, enter the search path to the inbox.

4. Add or remove languages (source and target) to create the list you want to use when ordering.

5. Click on Save.


1. Specify whether you are placing an order or requesting a quote.

2. Mark what the order includes (translation, validation, final layout and/or language check).

3. Enter the name of your contact person.

4. Enter a name for the project.

5. State your required deadline.

6. Specify delivery format, if different to the original.

7. Enter any specific instructions to the Project Manager and/or translator.

8. Add the files included in the order (either drag and drop them in the file window or use the Add button).

9. Select the language combination for the order.

10. Make sure all the information is correct and then click on Send.