Instructions for validation in memoQ Webtrans

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Short summary

1. Open the file.
2. Make changes and/or add comments for the segments you want to change. Note! Please be clear when writing comments.
3. Click Deliver and close the file when finished. You may need to close the file manually. Then proceed with the next file, if you have more than one to review.

Open the file for validation

Click the link in the e-mail you received from your project manager. The link takes you directly to the assigned document.
Note! There is one link to each file in the e-mail. More than one link means there are more than one file to review.

You can also log in directly at the webTrans page, see instructions here:

File open for validation

File open for validation.jpg

(1) There may be more than one page to review for large files. Use the arrow buttons to jump between pages.
(2) Click View pane to show/hide the preview (8). (For some files there is no preview.)
(3) Click here to make a comment for the whole file, for example "No changes needed".
(4) Click here to enter comments for the segment.
(5) You can change the size of the windows by placing the cursor on lines and drag until they are the size you want. This is useful, if you for example find that the Comment dialogue is hiding the text.
(6) This column contains the source text (can't be changed).
(7) This column contains the translation (can be changed).
(8) Translation result - red hits = translation memory, blue hits = termbase (if applicable).
(9) This is the Preview of the file, where you can see pictures and details about the article.
(10) Click Deliver to deliver the reviewed file.

Is it not possible to deliver document?
Please check that all segments are confirmed (ctrl + enter). If this does not help, please close the files and send your contact at Kommunicera a message that you are finished.

How to edit segments

1. Place the cursor in the segment you want to edit. This makes the segment turn beige.
Edit a segment.jpg
2. Confirm your changed segment by clicking ctrl + enter. This makes the segment green again.
Confirmed edited segment.jpg

How to add comments

There are two ways to add a comment for a segment, for the whole segment or for just a part of it.
Mark the word(s) you want to comment or change in the text and click the pen.
Add marked text as a comment.jpg

This automatically creates a comment with the text you marked. Click the balloon icon (1) to open the comment.

Write and Add comment.jpg

Write your changes/comments in the field (2), and then click Add comment (3).

Close to save the comment.jpg

Your added change/comment will be shown on top of any old comment.
Click close to close the dialogue and continue the review.


Click the balloon icon for the segment. In the dialogue that opens, you write your changes and comments directly in field (2). Then click Add comment (3) and to close (4) to add the text and close the comment.
Write and Add comment for complete row.jpg