Export termbases in SDL Multiterm format

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How to export termbases in SDL Multiterm format from QTerm

1. Log in and choose the term base you want to export.
2. Click Export.

Export termbases.jpg

3. Choose format for export. In this case, choose SDL Multiterm.

Export termbase as multiterm.jpg

4. Choose languages for export.

Export termbases languages.jpg

5. Choose which meta data you want the export to contain.

Export termbases metadata.jpg

6. Choose appropriate settings, click Help for more information.

Export termbase as multiterm settings.jpg

7. Click the link to download the exported file.

Export termbases final.jpg

Please note, that if you only have reading rights for the QTerm termbase, you will not be able to export it. In that case, contact your PM for help.