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Question: When and why?

This is good for larger projects and any additional support in assuring quality is always a good thing. However, I deal with a lot of smaller projects for you guys usually with short next day deadlines. I am concerned I won’t have time to do this for every project I deliver, particularly because I would be doing it on top of our own procedures. Would I be correct in assuming that this will only be requested for larger projects? Also, I don’t have much experience with this particular QA tool but we do use different versions for some of our other clients. In our experience it takes more than a little time as the tools are not particularly language specific. Generally speaking they only work within the confines of generic rules, the result is that a large number of the errors generated are invalid but still need to be checked and cleared. The result is it can take quite some time. Will this be paid as a separate item?


You are right, that QA checks might be more appropriate for some jobs than other, for example for large manuals than for minor marketing material on just a few pages or so. However we have been trying Xbench for a while, on files delivered from our vendors as well as files translated in house. In general, we were suprised how easy it is to miss a tag or number in a segment. We tried a few tools, and Xbench proved to be way easier and flexible than many other tools on the market. The check honestly takes very little time, and many reported errors are no errors, and we do not expect you to comment on every little source inconsistency, where the client decided to use a comma the one time and leaves it out the next. The log file is easy to read, errors are listed in groups, and need not to be "cleared". We will not pay extra for this, as we don't for spellchecking and so on, but we expect our vendors to deliver perfect files, without tag mismatches, no numeric mismatches (except for when numbers for some reason are written in letters) and no fuzzy mistakes. If you can guarantee your files are correct, we have no problems with skipping the Xbench for smaller jobs, as you suggest. I suggest we try this for a period of time, say three months, and then do a joint evaluation. How does that sound?

Question: Xbench opens when not supposed to

Xbench pops up when using certain keyboard shortcuts.


To avoid conflicts between for example Trados and Xbench, disable the hotkeys under Tools -> Settings. Click the check box Disable under Hotkeys, or change them.