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1. Enter the web address into your browser.

2. Enter the user name and password you have received from our project manager. It is the same log-in as you might have used earlier to check out projects from our memoQ server. Click Sign in.

MemoQ AL 8.jpg

3. You will see a list over all documents and projects assigned to you.

WebTrans 1.png

1. Name of the project.
2. Name of the file.
3. Action field.

To translate or proof-read

Click the pen icon to the left of the file name to open the file for editing. You may have to hoover with the mouse in the field Actions to see the icon.

Key shortcuts

This is a short list over the most common keyboard shortcuts you will need for translation.
If you are used to work in memoQ, you will find that most of them are the same.

Ctrl+Shift+S to copy source to target.
Ctrl+Enter to confirm a segment to the working TM.
Ctrl+E to enter a term to a term base.
Ctrl+K to open the Concordance window, to search for a phrase or a word in the translation memory.

Please see Help for more information.


1. Click on to deliver the file to our memoQ server.

2. Send an e-mail about the delivery to the project manager.

For more detailed information about memoQWebTrans, see the user guide "How to translate using memoQWebTrans" at