Spellcheck in memoQ – Create Ignore list

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Create Ignore list

An Ignore list is a list in which you can save word that are correct spelled, but the spell check stops on.

Press F7 to start the spell check.

CreateIgnoreList 1.png

Click Ignore lists.

CreateIgnoreList 2.png

Click New to create a new ignore list for the target language of the project you currently are working in.

CreateIgnoreList 3.png

Make sure the new list you created is checked before you continue the spell check. These ignore lists can be edited. Click Edit to open them. Then you can delete words added by mistake.

CreateIgnoreList 1.png

During the spell check you can now add the words that are correct spelled, and memoQ will no longer stop on them.

Error message The remote resource data file is not available

You might receive an error message after you have added a new ignore list. Please see Error_message:_The_remote_resource’s_data_file_is_not_available