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There are two kinds of spellchecking in memoQ:
Hunspell and Word.
Generally, soellchecking with Hunspell is faster, but needs a bit of training to be house-broken.
Spellchecking with Word takes a bit longer, but the big advantage is, that you probably already spent time traning it, as you probably have been using Word already for a while on your computer.

How to set spellchecking

Go to Options (1) -> Spellchecking and grammar (2).

Spellchecking word.jpg

Check the box Check spelling as you type (3) if you want red curly lines under mis-spelled words.
Pick language (4), and pick Hunspell or Word as option.

If you pick Hunspell:
Spellcheck hunspell.jpg

Pick Hunspell (1) for Spell checking dialogue (hidden in this picture) and click Look for new dictionaries online (2).
Spellchecking packages available for the language you picked will be downloaded, and the dialogue closes. Click OK.
Now the Hunspell spellcheck is available during translating.

Spellcheck in memoQ – Create Ignore list

Please see: Spellcheck in memoQ – Create Ignore list

Export the file as Bilingual rtf and use Word for grammar check and spellcheck

Highlight the translated file or the view of several files and use Export => Bilingual rtf to export your translation as an rtf. Open the rtf file in Word and use F7 to do the grammar check and spellcheck. You spot the mistakes in Word but do the changes directly in memoQ.