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Current version of the memoQ server memoQ 8.4

Compatibility with older versions of memoQ

For full compatibility, Kilgray recommends the use of the same client version as the server version, or Webtrans from a web browser. Any new features that are present in the new version won't be applied in the older version, and any documents using the features won't be downloaded from the server because of that. If there is no new features used, like track changes, then you can go along and use the mqxlz-s in 7.8 as well.

If you use memoQ 7.8, 8.0, 8.1 or 8.2, you might still be able to check out projects from our memoQ server, depending on which features was used.

Please ask your project manager for mqxlz or mqxliff files for translation if you use older versions of memoQ or another CAT tool.