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QA before delivery

We request an exported QA log file as a deliverable along with the translated files. We expect all errors to be cleared, but if, for some reason, errors are not cleared, please write a note about it in the exported log file. We are aware of the fact, that not everything that marks as an error in QA tools, are actual errors.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

During the last years, quite a few tools for quality assurance (QA) have been launched on the market. These tools can be used for checking basic key parameters like tags och numerical values in bilingual files translated with CAT tools. We kindly ask our vendors to perform this check on files before delivery to us. The test is easy and takes very little time to perform, and it is very useful when it comes to spotting e.g. tag errors.

Xbench is one tool. Is has many other functions as well, it can for exemple be used for performing QA on complete translation memories, creating TMX files from exported txt files, or checking translated files against a list of key words (terminology check).

Follow the instructions below for downloading and installing a free trial of the tool. Please note that we don't require anyone to buy the tool, most CAT tool has built-in QA functions.

Using Xbench

Download the ApSIC Xbench installer file under

Install the program on your computer and use it to perform a QA of your bilingual files before delivery.

Launch Xbench

Launch xbench.jpg

Select Project -> New.

The Project Properties window will open.

Project properties.jpg

Click Add, and select the type of bilingual file from the list.

This is the type of file you have been working with, for example TagEditor File or Trados Word File:

File types.jpg

Click Next

Add files to project.jpg

Add the files to be checked. Click Next and make sure the check box Ongoing translation is checked.

QA can only be performed on files defined as ongoing translations.

Click OK in the following two dialogues to load the project.

To perform the QA, click on the QA tab in the Xbench

Qa window 1.jpg

Configure the checks to be made under Check Groups:

• Basic 4 parameters under List of Checks – Inconsistency of Source and Target must always be checked to ensure the fuzzy matches has not been confirmed by mistake and that the translation is consistent.

• Content Make sure Tag Mismatch and Numeric Mismatch are checked.

When all the parameters have been set, click "Check ongoing translation" to launch the QA check.

The result will be displayed as below:

Qa window 2.jpg

Verify the results in Xbench

Make any changes needed in your translation by opening the file and search for the segment to be corrected. The errors are shown in sequential order. Don't forget to save the file after making the changes.

When finished, verify the file again

Click View -> Refresh or button with blue arrow to check if you got rid of all errors.

Right click and export the result as a Excel file

Please name the file with our project number and language combination, for example 299999_en-fr.xls.