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Log in to QTerm

1. Enter the web address memoq.kommunicera.se/memoqweb/ into your browser.

2. Enter the user name and password you have received from our project manager. It is the same log-in as you might have used earlier to check out projects from our memoQ server. Click Sign in.

MemoQ AL 8.jpg

Open a termbase in QTerm

Use the information provided to log in to QTerm. Click the QTerm tab.

QTerm tab.jpg

Click on the name of the termbase you want to work with in the list over available termbases.

Choose termlist to open.jpg

The first time you open a termbase, you may be promted to choose first and second languages for displaying in QTerm.

Open termbase choose langauges.jpg

Choose languages and click Browse term base. All terms in the termbase will now be listed.

Search for terms in QTerm

Enter the term you want to search for in the field Search text. The search will be performed in the language set as ”First language”. In this example, click the header English or Swedish to change languages. Click the icon to the left of the magnifying glass to change between the search modes ”Substring match” (where the search string can match parts of a term) and ”Exact match” (where the search string must match the whole term).

Search for terms.jpg

The complete term post is displayed to the right, together with the term in other languages from the termbase (if the termbase contains more than two languages).

Add new term

Click New entry (1) in the top right corner to add new entries.

Add a term v2.jpg

Choose languages for the new term (2) and (3) and enter the terms in the field Term. When finished, click Save, or Save and add new (4) to add more terms.