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Please follow the steps below to activate your license, if it is the first time you are using memoQ, or if you have not been using memoQ for a while and the license is gone.

MemoQ licenses red mark.jpg

1. Open memoQ.

2. Click the menu memoQ and then Activation.

Activate license Activation.jpg

3. If there is no valid license, or you have the wrong license, go to the tab ELM credentials.

Activate license no valid license.jpg

4. Check the status for the memoQ-server.

Activate license status none ELM no.jpg

If Status = None and ELM = Yes: Click the server name, then Toggle ELM property (1) and Update credentials from ELM servers (2).

Activate license status valid ELM yes.jpg

When your screen looks like this, continue with step 5.

5. Go back to the tab Licenses. Click Take ELM license, make sure the memoQ server is marked in the dialogue that opens and click OK.

Activate license Take ELM license from server.jpg

Activate license license received.jpg

In a perfect world, you will now have received a license (project manager or translator pro).
If not, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.