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Current version

We are currently using memoQ 8.4.

Installation guide

To download the program, go to

After the installation you get a license from Kilgray’s server. You can now test and use the full program for 45 days with unlimited access to all functions.

Click Documentation or Install guide and download the installation and activation guide and the Quick Start Guide.

Licenses, versions and discounts

During the 45 day trial, you can use all functions in memoQ. After the 45 days you automatically get a free version of the program, called memoQ 4free. It only offers very limited basic functions, and is not an alternative for translators who wants to work with us. To be able to receive and deliver files for translation you need at least memoQ translator pro.

Kommunicera will offer a discount for all our vendors that buys the program. Please check the Kilgray website for more detailed information about pricing and the different versions and contact us for information on how to get the discount.

Read more

The Quick Start Guide offers useful information, and the software help is very useful!

You can also check in the user forum at Yahoo, It is a forum with many active users and the Kilgray staff is often there to answer questions from users.

At, you can find information in the forums,

If you have problems or questions, please don't hesitate to contact your project manager!