Default settings for translation

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What will memoQ do after arriving at a segment?

With this setting, memoQ automatically inserts any hits from the TM, with matching 98% and higher (4), no copy source to target if no match is found. Tick box (5) if you want to copy source to target.

Automatic lookup and insertion.jpg

What segment will memoQ jump to after confirming a segment?

(Or using ctrl + G)

With these settings, memoQ stops at all unconfirmed settings.

Go to next settings v1.jpg

How handle repetitions in the file (auto-propagation)?

Auto-propagation is a way to enforce the consistency of identical segments on the fly. In the translation grid, and when auto-propagation is enabled, memoQ checks if the current segment is a repetition. When you confirm the translation of a segment that has repetitions in the document, the confirmed translation is automatically copied to the repetitions, too.

With these settings, repetitions below the active segment will be changed acc. to the active segment. Already confirmed segments will be overwritten, and given status Confirmed.
If you prefer the segment to get status Edited, because you want to check it, choose Edited instead of Translator or either reviewer confirmed.